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Mr. Moloy Chaki

Mr. Moloy Chaki

Mr. Moloy Chaki, a renowned figure in the community based disaster risk reduction domain in Bangladesh, is the proposed Principal Manual and Handbook Developer. Mr. Chaki has been working in the field of disaster management for more than twenty years. During his professional life, Mr. Chaki has managed almost twenty projects in the field of community based disaster risk reduction. He was involved with a number of studies relating to enhancing the capacity of the community regarding DRR. Mr. Chaki is a pioneer in mainstreaming DRR into sustainable development.

Mr. Chaki has developed almost 20 modules, manuals and handbooks, and a number of information, communication and education materials, which are widely used by disaster management practitioners in Bangladesh. He has also conducted more than 500 training courses for different levels of disaster management practitioners, such as members of District/ Upazila/ Union Disaster Management Committees, project personnel of international/ national/ local level NGOs, Change Agents (community leaders) and volunteers. These trained personnel are contributing a lot in disaster risk reduction and preparedness activities in their respective areas. Mr. Moloy Chaki has conducted trainings in and outside of Bangladesh. The Asian Disaster Reduction Center (ADRC) of Japan has formed a pool of DRR trainers in South Asia, in which Mr. Moloy Chaki is included.

Mr. Chaki is also a team member of ADPC’s trainer pool in Bangladesh. On behalf of ADPC, Mr. Chaki has developed a number of training modules and conducted several training courses. Over more than twenty year’s experience in disaster management, Mr. Chaki has developed very good professional relationships with different government, national, international and local level NGO personnel. He is therefore well-positioned to ensure their active participation and inputs in developing the proposed comprehensive disaster management modules and handbook.

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