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Home News Amorbuniya Canal Re-excavation in Nishanabaria
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Amorbuniya Canal Re-excavation in Nishanabaria



 Local Disaster Risk Reduction Action Plan has been developed based on CRA output. Re- excavation of a dead canal was proposed located in Amorbunia of Nishanbaria union. Amorbuniya’s canal had been filled with sediment in last two decades, consequently no water flowing through it reduced fish production and also hampered canal ecosystem. Farmers couldn’t produce crops in their fields due to the lack of water.

To accomplish East Amurbuniya canal re-excavation program in Nishanbaria Union of Morelgonj Upazila, five parties collaborated directly, they are Morelgonj Upazila Disaster Management Committee (UzDMC), Nishanbaria Union Disaster Management Committee (UDMC), Comprehensive Disaster Management Program (CDMP, Bangladesh Disaster Preparedness Centre and (BDPC) and Local Canal Re-excavation Facilitation Committee (local community).

Roughly 2000 families including thousands of farm animals would be benefited directly from this canal. A confined water reservoir would ensure irrigation during dry season which will ultimately result into better production of crops.

The profile of water reservoir (Amorbuniya canal) is as below-

  • Length: Approximately 3000 feet (one kilometer)
  • Width excluding bank: 32 feet (10.6 meter)
  • Width including bank: 54 feet (18 meter)
  • Bank: Both side of the canal is hoisted up to 4 feet and there is an earthen road on eastern side with 14 feet width.
  • Depth: 10 feet, depends on oil condition



Under the BDPC-CA project, a total 840 feet out of 3000 with 10 feet depth has been excavated in year 2012. Nishanbaria UDMC, in cooperation with BDPC field office Morelgonj, have contacted with CDMP to avail monetary support to excavate remaining part of the canal. As a corollary, CDMP assessed the need and funded principal part to accomplish re-excavation.

The canal re-excavation is already showing its benefits by enhancing irrigation during dry season, increasing crop production, enabling fish cultivation in canal water, permitting the building of earth road through canal bank, reducing crop transportation cost, providing fresh drinkable water for livestock and many more.

Indirect improvement includes canal ecosystem restoration, improved water quality, reduced seasonal unemployment, increased scope for employment, and improved aesthetic value etc. Later after the re-excavation, some governmental departments came up with their services for the betterment of local community such as Forest Department have planted 8000 seedlings on canal bank, Fisheries Department released 450 kilograms of fish fry and the Agriculture Department have disbursed seeds among 40 poor farmers. 05-10 kg per family

Hundreds of farmers already have cultivated crops on their fields and they are using water from the canal. They are assuming that during peak dry season there would be 3-5 feet saline-free water into their canal. Local community has established a multipurpose cooperation society named as “EastAmurbuniya Multipurpose Cooperation Society” to preserve the attained asset for not only their own use but also for their next generation. . They have been planning to invest on this canal to ensure multipurpose use of their resource. A guard has been employed by the cooperation to protect plants, fishes and cultivated crops.





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