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Home News Advocacy Workshop at National Level
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Advocacy Workshop at National Level

“Human being empowerment’s ultimate goal is to make people dignified. Let us join to get the sense of dignity.” (Mr. Abdul Qayyum, Additional Secretary and National Project Director, CDMP) 

A workshop focusing on “The Importance of Sustainable Livelihood in Disaster Risk Reduction” was organized by BDPC and Christian Aid at CDMP’s conference hall on 17 January, 2013. The workshop was attended by representatives from different governmental and nongovernmental disaster related organization and advantaged people from the project area were present. They described their experiences of changes due to the project. 

It started with a small presentation by the Director of BDPC, Mr. Muhammad Saidur Rahman, where he explained the meaning of “advocacy” and the use of it. He urged all the organizations working with the disadvantaged people to come together and work with advocacy. The ultimate goal of advocacy is to influence the Government by directing public policy in favor of the disadvantaged people. 

Project Coordinator Mr. Naimul Islam presented his presentation about the project. The goal of the project is to help the people who are exploited socially, economically and politically. BDPC intends to create awareness and empowerment through sustainable livelihood in order to establish their own rights.

One of the members of Shacheton Dal, Mrs. Taslima, who was the first one to receive “Bidhoba Bhata”, shared some of the impacts of the project. One of the impacts was that people have learned to save. They all have bank accounts in Sonali Bank.  Ms. Taslima raised a question during the public hearing meeting about how to save livestock during disasters. Mr. Nasir Talukdar from Sundarban, who used to cut down trees in Sundarban illegally, shared his experience on how BDPC advised him and changed his life by showing him the right path.

Mr. Abdul Wajed, Director General of DDM, believed that there were always a lot of things to learn from such advocacy programs. He thanked all the NGOs for working in the field of disaster risk reduction.

Mr. Abdul Qayyum, Additional Secretary and National Project Director, CDMP, encouraged projects like re-excavation of the canal. He said that significant benefits are generated from one intervention. He mentioned that a project like the re-excavation one provided information to the people and that such a project preserved natural resources. Livelihood is non-existent without the availability of natural resources. He said that empowerment entailed dignity and that when people start giving instead of taking it is then that we know that empowerment has been established. He requested everyone to join in working towards building dignity in the community.

Mr .Saidur Rahman ended the program by thanking everyone. These were his closing remarks, “We should not look into the past but start looking into the future.”  If disaster reduction is linked with sustainable livelihood, it will be beneficial for the people living in disaster prone areas. There is no other way but ensuring the service of every governmental and nongovernmental organization. The practice of positive mindset, team work and rights to information through sustainable livelihood achievement will reduce the disaster risk.



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Mr. Muhammad Saidur Rahman has made an official statement at the plenary session of the fourth session of GPDRR which was held on 22 May. Read more

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