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Determined Nazma Establishes Her Rights


Nazma Khatun is a member of Adhikar group of 8 no ward of Khas Kaulia union of Chowhali upazila. She is also a Change Agent of the same ward. She took part in the training programmes organized for them and attended the Public Hearing Meetings, Community Score Card programmes. She learned from there about the services provided by the different service providing agencies. She also learned about the Right To Information Act (RTI). She is now aware about claiming her rights. She does this not only for herself but also helps her neighbors about getting services.

On last March 2013, a scheme for pregnant mother's health care came in the union. According to the project, the pregnant mother will get 400 taka for check up and taka 2450 during the delivery. Nazma helped 13 such mothers to get the money. On last February 2014, such a scheme came again. Nazma made a list of pregnant women, who are very poor and cannot bear the cost of checkups and delivery and gave the list to the family planning officer. But they did not do anything. Then Nazma, collected the RTI format and wanted to know about the amount of money that came for the pregnant mothers. The officer asked her to come after 2/3 days later. After 2/3 days when she visited the office again, they told her to bring the list and gave money to the poor mothers accordingly.

Once, the veterinary hospital of the area ran a vaccination programme for the birds. Nazma and nine other girls from the area worked hard for one month. They were supposed to get 200 taka per day for this job. But when the job was completed, they did not get the money. They go to the livestock office and come back after being refused every time. The responsible officer told them that they did not yet get money from the donor and they will let them know after receiving money. After being refused several times, Nazma went to the Union Parishad Chairman and told the whole story. Chairman told them that the livestock office has already received money from ADB. Nazma then contacted the livestock officer and demanded her money. The officer offered her to take 4000 taka and asked her not to tell anyone else. But Nazma refused. She told him to give money to all the girls who worked in the programme. Nazma then complained to the TNO. TNO immediately called the responsible officer and told him to give money. All the girls then received money according to the register. Nazma says "I'm happy that all the girls have received the money they deserved."

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