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Alauddin struggles to bring justice, yet determined

Alauddin, a 59 years old farmer, lives in 2 no ward of Khas Pukuria union of Chowhali upazila. He is a member of Adhikar group of BDPC's SICoR project. After joining the group, he took part in the training and orientation programmes organized for them. He learned about the Right To information Act (RTI), Good Governance and volunteerism. He also learned about services provided by the different public service providing agencies.

Aware Alauddin tries to build awareness among his neighbors. He told them that receiving the services is their right, not the kindness of the service providers. His neighbors- Rafiq, Shorifon, Rowshon Ara, Johora also became aware of their rights.  One day, they came to know about the misconduct of the Chairman in distribution of VGD cards. Alauddin knew about the RTI act. He went to the Officer for Women Affairs and wanted to know the number of cards that were allocated for 2 no ward of Khas Pukuria union. After 19 days the officer informed him that 50 cards were allocated for that ward and gave him a list of the VGD card holders. From the list he found that 20 cards were allocated for the persons who were not from 2 no ward. He again went to the officer and wanted to know about the persons who got those cards. After 15 days the officer told him that only a few days are left in this year and chairman and members usually do this kind of jobs. The Officer also told that Aluddin will not be able to do anything to solve the problem. But Alauddin is not a person who will lose his courage. He complained about the matter to the UNO of Chowhali. The UNO called the Women Affairs officer immediately and wanted to know why they have distributed those cards that were not from the ward. But after that he did not take any actions to solve the problem. Even after the complaint, chairman once again gave materials to those card holders.

Alauddin said, "I did not get justice from the Chairman, Women Affairs officer and even from the UNO about the misconduct in the VGD card distribution. If 20 out of 50 cards are fake, I wonder how many cards are fake in the whole country!!!"

But Aluddin is confident. He will not rest until he gets justice. He has made a complaint to the Deputy Commissioner of the district. Alauddin seeks justice.

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